Roomie One Wifi

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Roomie One Wifi decentral heat recovery More

Roomie One switches between supply and extract air every 70 seconds. By installing two Roomie One in pair you will achieve continous balanced ventilation in the room. With integrated WiFi several single room ventilators can be connected and controlled with an app on a smartphone/tablet. Roomie One can also be controlled via the included remote controller or the integrated control panel. The unit is supplied with assembled power supply cable and plug and is easy to install. During warm periods the single room ventilator can be set to ventilation mode which provides ventilation without heat recovery. Roomie One is suited for rooms up to 15m2 or up to 30m2 size when installed two in a pair. With a hood for thinner walls (accessory), the minimum wall thickness is 15 cm.
Balanced ventilation for single rooms
Provides fresh, filtered and tempered air
Heat recovery, 70-80 %
Modern control system, integrated WiFi
Easy to install