Flexit Nordic CL3 REL

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Ceiling heat recovery with rotary exchanger - exterior left side More

Flexit Nordic CL3 heat recovery units have been developed to be energy efficient in cold climates. The addition of a fifth outlet offers the possibility of connecting a hood. This is a category of motorless hoods designed for heat recovery. The unit has high-efficiency rotary heat exchangers with a thermal efficiency of up to 85%. The low building height makes the unit excellent for ceiling mounting or in a cool attic. All Nordic units are controlled by the Flexit GO app as standard and can be upgraded with various accessories such as a control panel, humidity sensor, pressure sensor for the kitchen hood, CO2 sensor etc. The control system is ready for local control as required. Cold recovery is a standard feature in the Nordic series. You can also activate the free/night cooling function using the Flexit GO system. In case of high humidity, the defrost function ensures operation in cold climates.
Installation in the ceiling or cold attic/loft
Very quiet, below 35 db(A) 10m2 Sabine
Low weight and construction height < 30 cm
Control via app and cloud services
Configurable door solution

Height 296mm
Width 700mm
Length (mm) 1160mm
Weight (g) 58 kg
Air flow rate max m³/h 326m3/h
Filter class ePM1 55 % (F7)
Pipe connection 160 mm
Fuse size 10 A
Rated power of fans 2 x 83 W
Type of heat exchanger Rotary
Rated power, max. electric battery 500 W
Rated power, total 679 W
Rated power, rotor motor 4 W