Complete recuperation installation set with Flexit Nordic S unit for houses up to 165 m2 - Exterior wall hood type: 2x separate exterior hood black, Exterior side of the unit: Left, Pipe colour DN90: White

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Wall hood white
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Wall hood black
2x separate exterior hood black
2x separate exterior hood black

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Complete set for self-assembly of ventilation with heat recovery, with Flexit Nordic S2 heat recovery unit. The kit is suitable for houses with an area of around 165 m2. More

Set of components for ventilation with heat recovery. The set includes:

  1. Plastic duct Nest Antibacterial Profi DN 90/75 - 4 x 50m
  2. PBG prefabricated boxes for installation in plasterboard - 16 pcs
  3. Manifolds 8x90/160 - 2 pcs
  4. Silencers 160/1000 - 2 pcs
  5. EPP pipe - 6 m, EPP 90* - 6 pcs, EPP couplings - 2 pcs
  6. Merged exterior grille - 1 pc
  7. Recuperation unit Flexit Nordic S3
  8. Mounting strap - 1 pack
  9. Installation manual